Beamish and other exciting places

Beamish is a unique experience – not just a museum, not even a museum within a house (like the one in Bath – a whole piece of living history spread over several acres.  A small town, a mining village, a manor house and a farm are connected by road, bus and tram, all original buildings, dismantled in their original places and rebuilt at Beamish.  We’ve been twice, and because the tickets allow as many visits as you like after you’ve paid for the first visit, and it’s only twenty minutes away, we’ll go a lot more. We were fortunate in that we had sunny days, though it wasn’t warm.  But I’m looking forward to going back at Christmas, even though I’ll need my heavy boots and thermal underwear, as the countryside changes with the seasons, and different activities are on which are also dependent on the time of year.

Yesterday Michael made the most of his day off by spending probably nearly a week’s pay on a first class train trip to Edinburgh and Carlisle.  He made much of his “free” lunch and glass of wine in the empty first class carriage, but also enjoyed Carlisle castle, and the serendipitous discovery of Radio Carlisle.

Today is the last day of Kevin’s first week at work.  He actually started last week, but that was more about induction and paperwork than actual work.  He still hasn’t done any actual teaching, but he has been sitting in on lectures, and been told which subjects he’ll be teaching.  So far he has enjoyed meeting other mariners and chatting about the old days, but of course he’s also discovered that South Tyneside College doesn’t run as efficiently as Australian FPSO Management.  I think he itches to be at the helm of the College and bringing it up to speed!

If anyone is still reading this blog, I do apologise for not writing more often, but this is because I’ve been unable to get into it on my big computer and I hate typing on the laptop.  But I’ll try to be a bit more proactive from now on.



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