Christmas cards

Yesterday we got our first Christmas card of 2015.  And yesterday I posted cards to friends and family in Australia.  But I fear this may be the last year.  The cards cost, perhaps, 10 to 25p each to buy but £1.30 to send.  Well, you might say, buy more expensive cards to make it worthwhile.  Which is one argument.  Send e-cards is another.  But some of our friends are older than us by, in at least one case, twenty years, and still haven’t mastered the internet.  And the corollary to that argument is that one day they will die and the problem will be solved.  But we won’t wish them away in a hurry.


Presents are another matter.  I went mad this year and bought things for everyone – and pricing one parcel presented me with the prospect of paying £50 to post a parcel worth, at the very most, £20.  So that one really isn’t going to happen.  The presents have been taken out and will be posted to the recipients as birthday presents instead – they are children with a large extended family so they won’t miss our little contribution at Christmastime.


For those of you who have been enjoying your Advent Calendar, while a Victorian Christmas looks very pretty, especially with the magnificently decorated tree (I change mine twice a day), and today the lovely stained glass windows, I fear the reality, as noted by Charles Dickens, was very different.  Now is a good time to re-read A Christmas Carol and reflect on the many things that have improved over the years.  Though death and taxes will always be with us.


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